Thursday, January 31, 2008

At It Again

1.1 - 26.20

I still hit the snooze button for half-an-hour, but I got up and walked this morning. Don't think I would have gotten up at I gone to Kilroy's last night. I made up one day I missed and if I walk 25 minutes tomorrow (my scheduled off day) I'll be back on schedule.

Walking 25 minutes was starting to get a bit boring even while listening to the radio, so no way I'll be able to do 2 hours on the treadmill, that will have to be done outside. Luckily I won't hit any 2 hour walks until the weather is better.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rained on my Parade

Or more like rained on my lazy butt! Trip to California was fun, but it rained almost the entire time - good thing we rented a convertible, eh? Needless to say the rain gave me no motivation to get out and walk. And we've been back for 2 days and I still haven't walked - grr! I lost my motivation and I have been feeling like crap. See I am allergic to down pillows and Gadgetboy's parents had a couple on their guestroom bed. Sweetly Gadgetboy went thru and tried to separate out the down pillows from the non-down from the 20 pillows on the bed - but he missed one! So I work up on Sunday AM having a hard time breathing, and even ended up using my inhaler Sunday night.

So since I have been home my head has been foggy and feels like it weighs 100 pounds. So tonight I normally go out with a couple of girlfriends for a couple of beers after a Stained Glass class I am taking. But the bar we go to is CRAZY smoky (we ain't in Cali anymore!), so in order to be able to get back on track and walking again (oh yeah and breathe), I am bailing on girl time to go home and hopefully walk. I am already 4 times behind on the training calendar I made for myself. Well, kinda, it started on the 27th, so all of the walking I did the previous week hadn't been counted yet. And this first week all consists of only walking 10 or 15 minutes a day, so I feel I can make that up by extending my walks to half an hour and walking on my scheduled off day - Friday. So hopefully come Saturday I will be back on track!

Friday, January 25, 2008

1st full mile!

1 mile - 22:26

I know, sad, sad, sad but I see it as an accomplishment. Like I Said - baby steps!! But clearly I'll be working toward that 16 minute mile. And working to not just one 16 mile mile, but 26.2 of them!


Best Flickr pool ever! There are some real gems here.

At home

Working from home today so I slept in to make up for the time it takes me to drive into work so I missed my morning walk before starting work. My plan is to walk over what would be my lunch hour. I really enjoy working from home, I feel I have so many less distractions, am able to focus more. And instead of stopping for 5 minutes to talk to someone while pouring a cup of coffee, I throw a load of laundry in. I feel like I can get stuff done while being more productive all together. Now just have to make sure I walk!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday AM

3/4 mile in 16.53

That pace won't get me to the finish line in time, but it's a good start. From what I have been reading I'll need to have a 16 minute mile to avoid being swept.

Trying to decide if it is worth packing my walking stuff for our trip to CA this weekend. Yes, I Want to walk, but will it happen?!? And the fact that Gadgetboy's parent live in the development built into the side of a mountain. I have only been doing flats so far so that might kick my butt. And no sports bra yet. Making excuses? Probably.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday AM

.5 - 13:00

Well I got up, although a little later than I had hoped. Going to be hard to get into a morning routine. It helps that Gadgetboy has to leave earlier than I do for work, but I still need to get out from under the covers, lol. So today was half-mile in 13:00, clearly I am very slow in the morning! But I did it, I got my ass outta bed! Score one for me!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quick half mile before dinner

.5 miles in 11:03

Got home, changed real quick, threw some fish in the over to cook, and hit the treadmill for a quick half-mile. Would have never imagined it. Laundry to do tonight before heading to California for the week, but still hoping to get my other half-mile in tonight.

The Plan!

Thanks to PBS's website and the information from the show America's Walking I have my year walking schedule planned out. I started with their 18 weeks to walking a marathon plan and worked backwards from there. I then added to 2 walk throughs of their Walking Weight Loss plan and then finally I plan on starting with their Walking for Health Plan. yes, that is all listed backwards but that is how I planned it. I started with the Marathon date (January 11, 2009) and subtracted backwards.

Wow, seems like a lot of work, but I hope I can still to the schedule. I hope at least to get in all the time in the week, even if it doesn't fall on the planned days. I know there will be weekends away in there plus work travel, but here's hoping I can do it!

Here are the links to the above referenced items:
America's Walking -

18 Week Marathon Walking Plan -

Walking for Weight Loss -

Walking for Health -

Monday, January 21, 2008

.5 - 13:50

Sunday, January 20, 2008

.5 - 13:30

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I have never been to Disneyworld, truthfully, it never held any interest for me. But my husband loves Disneyworld and has wanted to go for vacation there since we met. Well, I think this will be the thing to get me there.

Here is what we'll be running

It will be January 11, 2009 - hopefully I'll be able to get my act together by then! Another great site I have found is

I'll be posting more walking and marathon links as I find them!

Baby Steps...

.5 - 12:30

Well, Day 1 is done. Wow, I knew I was starting from ground zero, but tonight just reaffirmed it for me. Before dinner I decided I'd start off easy with a mile on the treadmill. Well, sadly, I couldn't even manage that. My back totally tightened up on me by .5 and I had to stop. It took me 12:30 to do my 1/2 mile - discouraging.

What I am really proud of is though, is that after having dinner, play some WOW (World of Warcraft - yes, I'm a geek), I got back on the treadmill and finished my remaining 1/2 mile. In better time too, 10:30. My back tightened up again at the end, so I have the feeling I'll be doing my walking in 1/2 mile stretches til my back strengthens. If anyone has some back exercises they can recommend - chime in!

Baby steps, but we'll get there!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I get home from Women's Weekend all excited and geared up to start walking and hit a major roadblock - I can't breathe!! I have to take 3 days off my allergy meds in order to be evaluated by a new allergy doctor. Very scary to think of how poorly I'll be beathing by the time I get to my appointment. Can't wait to start taking allergy shots again though, and also hopefully some new meds to get me on track.

I have class on Wednesday night but hopefully after that I will be getting my butt in gear about this walking! Tick tock...

Monday, January 14, 2008

This is my Marathin! This is my journal, my thoughts, my tracker, my recorder of vicotory and my record of challenges (don't want to say defeats!). A bunch of girlfriend's got together this past weekend for an annual women's weekend. On Sunday when starting to say our goodbyes we started talking about trips, getting in shape - something that led us to decide to walk the Disneyworld Marathon in January 2009. Yeah, that is the kind of women we are, not deciding on dinner somewhere but to do a marathon!

I have the feeling some will drop some will be added, but it will work out. I am going to start my training tomorrow. We have a treadmill that has been collecting dust for the last year, except for the occassional use by Gadgetboy.

I decided to call this journal, this blog, my Marathin because that is what I feel this whole thing will be for me. It started out as a typo whenever I would type marathon my crazy fingers would type marathin instead. And that just stuck in my head. I am walking to get healthy , to get thin. I need to do this for me, to get my life back, to get moving again, to give me purpose to show I can do it! My clothes don't fit anymore, I am out of breath walking upstairs. I need to do this, I need the goal of the marathon, I need the help of good friends.