Monday, January 14, 2008

This is my Marathin! This is my journal, my thoughts, my tracker, my recorder of vicotory and my record of challenges (don't want to say defeats!). A bunch of girlfriend's got together this past weekend for an annual women's weekend. On Sunday when starting to say our goodbyes we started talking about trips, getting in shape - something that led us to decide to walk the Disneyworld Marathon in January 2009. Yeah, that is the kind of women we are, not deciding on dinner somewhere but to do a marathon!

I have the feeling some will drop some will be added, but it will work out. I am going to start my training tomorrow. We have a treadmill that has been collecting dust for the last year, except for the occassional use by Gadgetboy.

I decided to call this journal, this blog, my Marathin because that is what I feel this whole thing will be for me. It started out as a typo whenever I would type marathon my crazy fingers would type marathin instead. And that just stuck in my head. I am walking to get healthy , to get thin. I need to do this for me, to get my life back, to get moving again, to give me purpose to show I can do it! My clothes don't fit anymore, I am out of breath walking upstairs. I need to do this, I need the goal of the marathon, I need the help of good friends.

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Delaney Paige said...

You are beautiful and amazing and inspiring and just plain awesome! I’ve got tears in my eyes after reading your post. Thank you for sharing such personal goals and challenges. You are GREAT IN ’08!!!! All my love…Nori