Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Plan!

Thanks to PBS's website and the information from the show America's Walking I have my year walking schedule planned out. I started with their 18 weeks to walking a marathon plan and worked backwards from there. I then added to 2 walk throughs of their Walking Weight Loss plan and then finally I plan on starting with their Walking for Health Plan. yes, that is all listed backwards but that is how I planned it. I started with the Marathon date (January 11, 2009) and subtracted backwards.

Wow, seems like a lot of work, but I hope I can still to the schedule. I hope at least to get in all the time in the week, even if it doesn't fall on the planned days. I know there will be weekends away in there plus work travel, but here's hoping I can do it!

Here are the links to the above referenced items:
America's Walking -

18 Week Marathon Walking Plan -

Walking for Weight Loss -

Walking for Health -

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