Sunday, March 9, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Hangover

1.0 - 21:53

Well, not quite everyday yet, but I did get up this morning at do a mile, and hope to get another one in later today.

The reason I didn't get a walk in yesterday was because we hit up the
Shenadoah Brewing Company at 10:15am and promptly started drinking - wahoo! They had a lot of good beers on tap and bottled, but I'm definitly not as young as I used to be, that much beer before noon, led to a VERY unproductive Saturday. Was a blast brewing beer though and meeting some new folks. We brewed a Extra Special Bitter, a Czech Pilsner, a Honey Heifeweisen and a Pale Ale. Most of them take 8 weeks, one took 12 I think to be ready to drink.

I also ran into a good friend of an old roommate of mine, small, small world. I love when things like that happen.

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