Friday, February 1, 2008

1.1 - 24.46

My starts are definitely better in the evenings, after I have been walking around all day, than in my morning walks when my mind and body are still half asleep. The first 2 minutes on the treadmill I'm only walking at 1MPH, even after a little stretching warmup. Think it is just because I am not awake yet. That is something I'll definitely need to work on, ya know since marathons don't start at 11am.

After doing 25 minutes this morning I am caught up on my walking for the week. The first set of walks I am scheduled to do from the PBS Walking for Health program only has days of 10 to 15 minutes, with the long days early on only being 25 minutes. It is small baby steps, but I am basically needing to get my muscles started working from scratch. They haven't been moving in any form of exercise in quite a while. So while it does seem that I can do a lot more right now, I'm not going to push it.

Walking for Health

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