Thursday, February 7, 2008

Late Walk

1.3 - 30:30

Worked late and but still managed to get a walk in tonight. I need to figure out the best way to make the timing work out. I got home at 7:30pm, ate at 8:00pm, started my walk at 9:00pm. I'm not as productive in the morning, but I hate walking this late. I think it will be easier when I'm not working so late, and when it stay light out after work. Or if I get my butt outta bed!

I found a 48-week half-marathon schedule on the Weight Watchers website yesterday. It looks like a great plan if I decide to do the 1/2 marathon. Here is the link to it

I am going to add that walking schedule to my Google calendar as well.

Walking still was sore from the fall down the stairs, still feeling lots of aches and pains. Hopefully I'll walk thru that.

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